From Garden to Table


We are beyond excited to take you on a journey through the heart and soul of our veggie patch – a green haven that breathes life into many dishes at our beloved Paternoster Lodge.

Meet Our Green Oasis

Nestled not too far from Paternoster Lodge at our sister establishment, Avanti Guest Lodge,  our veggie patch is more than just a collection of crops; it’s a living, breathing testament to the garden-to-table concept. Picture this: a patchwork quilt of vibrant greens soaking up the South African sun, tended to with love and care by our dedicated team at Avanti Guest Lodge.

Veggie Garden for Paternoster Lodge

The Morning Symphony

The day begins with the gentle rustle of leaves as the early morning sun bathes our veggie patch in its golden glow. It’s a symphony of nature, a daily ritual that sets the stage for the culinary freshness that awaits our guests at Paternoster Lodge.

Homegrown Goodness

What sets our veggie patch apart is the unwavering commitment to freshness. We believe in the magic of homegrown goodness, where every vegetable tells a story from seed to plate. This is not just a garden; it’s a canvas of flavours waiting to unfold.

The Modern Romance of Garden-to-Table

In a world that’s always on the move, there’s a certain romance in slowing down and embracing the garden-to-table philosophy. It’s a modern love affair with nature, where the journey from soil to plate is celebrated, and the freshness of each ingredient becomes the star of the show.

A Taste of Home

What makes our veggie patch so special isn’t just the abundance of produce; it’s the feeling of home it evokes. Imagine sitting amidst the greenery, the scent of herbs in the air, and the promise of a meal that whispers tales of the garden. It’s not just dining; it’s a homely experience, a connection to the roots of your food.

Your Invitation to Freshness

Consider this your personal invitation to experience the heart and soul of our veggie patch. Join us at Paternoster Lodge, where some of our meals is a journey from our garden to your plate. Come, savor the taste of homegrown freshness, and let the soft sea breeze of the Atlantic and our cozy setting help you unwind.

Embark on this green adventure with us, and let the flavors of our veggie patch tell a story that resonates with the simplicity and richness of nature. Welcome to our green haven.